Funny Photos



Little Lozen saying HI!!!


Fluffy being funny...


Rico P caught a mouse!



Rico P and Gemma ...mmmeouw!!!


This is Tinus ... Butch's cousin who came from a nest of three polys.

Sometimes just being cute is good for a big smile!



Greetings from above ... Butch P Cassidy en Sundance Kid

With thanks to Henk Gout for this photo.




We are the nephews of  Butch P and Sundance. We were born in Barendrecht ...

alias the Three Musketeers and the Macho Boys!



Hello, my boys are three weeks old and they weigh one pound each.

I am a very satisfied Mother  in between my three big boys!

I have three grandchildren nearby ... Butch P and Sundance.

Greetings from Diwilik's Gemma Yentle!