Diwilik Percy's Queen of Sheba III



Sheba fall 2006.


Sheba  at ten months old.

Photo: Marian Draat




Sheba is a wonderful ,loving, tender  mother. She is very playful and energetic and has a sweet character. I would like to thank Rosa Zegelaar  and Danny Rietveld  and Marja Wijnbeek for my sweet girl, she is exactly what I hoped and dreamed for...! She is an aspiring cover girl, finding my make-up and brushes irresistible and is a charmer when the camera comes in sight.





Sheba and her last drink by her mom Gemma.                                                               Sheba 4 weeks, our first meeting.              







Father: E.C. Sandy Beaches' A Touch of Percy

White, odd-eyed


Mother: Diwilik Gemma Yentle

Silvertabby mackerel & white






Color : Black/silver mackerel with white

Born: October 29,2003

Test results:

HCM:             good January 2005

PKD:               good January 2005

FeLV, FIV:       good 10-24- 2004

Patella Luxatie: good 10-24-2004


Inbreeding total :    10.5%

Foundation top 5 :  68%

Clones :                 22%