Storm Generation

Born January 18, 2007

 Thunderhawk and Thunderchick at 12.5 weeks old


Kittens at 12.5 weeks old.



Introducing ... Thunderhawk  and Thunderchick !!! Almost three weeks old.



Introducing ... Thunderhawk !!! Three weeks old.







The kittens are  almost three weeks old in the following pictures.


Kitten #1

Thunderchick P

Black Silver  Marbled Tabby Polydactyl Female

Toe formation: 6, 6,5, 5





 Kitten # 2

Thunderhawk  P

Black Silver Mackerel Tabby Polydactyl Male

Toe Formation: 6,6,4,4





Kitten #3

Mr. Lightning Flux

Black Marbled Tabby Male 









At age 12.5 weeks old


Kitten #4

Madame Banshee

Black  Marbled  Tabby Female 







Kitten #5

Hurricane Twister

Black Marbled Tabby Male 





At age 12 and 1/2 weeks old






Here the kittens are a few days old with mother Evy; She is a fabulous queen and I am very proud of her.

Here the kittens are a few days old with mother Evy

 a stormy day in Holland...kittens were born...

Butch and Evy are very proud to introduce their 5 kittens!!!


I am VERY proud to announce


TLC Polycoons Butch's Kids