TLC Polycoons Kittens

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TLC Polycoons Thunderchick P and Firedevil's Arizona

born June 2,2011

Captain America Litter

TLC Polycoons Sentinel of Liberty... Libby...Black marbled female...available

TLC Polycoons Nomad ...Maddie...Black marbled female...going to the USA to live with Nick and Angela

TLC Polycoons Roger Stevens...Stevie...Black marbled male ...going to live in Terneuzen with Bianca en Ruud

TLC Polycoons Star Spangled Avenger...Gertje...Black and white solid male...available















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Storm Generation


Silver Ghosts


Famous Women


Genie in a Bottle




Asian Activists


Captain America



Rico's Kids


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Paperdoll P and the Wizzards


Introducing TLC Polycoons Black  P Velvet


Hi I am a black solid boy with polydactyl feet with the formation  6644.





introducing... Thunderhawk  and Thunderchick !!! almost three weeks old