Sweet Rialto's Mixed-Up  Ginny



Fluffy at three and one-half years old.

Fluffy and her curly tail in the run.




Fluffy is my best friend we are inseparable. As my first Maine Coon she tends to be spoiled getting love and attention whenever she wants, receiving hundreds of  kisses a day!

We have our special tender moments together, I love it, especially her soft furry underbelly when we are cuddling up together. When laying on the couch, she walks right up to me, and plop, falls down next to me and rolls on her back.  She is more than a yard long when she stretches out like that! She is a very calm cat, following me around and just hanging out close by. She does have her playful moments with hide and seek type games being #1 and  things like chasing the stick in the garden and running circles on the big bed favorites too. She is very quick  when she is not being lazy.  She is wonderful with the kids and their friends, and she has done well in the show hall too.

Fluffy is a wonderfully strong long brown mackerel tabby Maine Coon female  although most people when seeing her, presume she is a male because of her size. I would like to thank Wilco and Sandra Mosterd and Mary Rietveld for this loving girl.



Fluffy at age one year.








Father: Mountain Chief vom Gergenbusch

Blue classic tabby   with white


Mother: G.I.C. Powhatan's Kamia Squaw

Black and white


Freezing Fluffy ...


My son wanted me to post this playful, silly picture.




Color: black mackerel tabby

Date of Birth: February 16th, 2003

Test results:



FeLV, FIV:      both good April 27 2004

Patella Luxation: yes, grade 1 and 2, April 27, 2004

Fluffy has been sterilized.

Inbreeding total : 11.9%

Foundation top 5: 67%

Clones :               30.8%