Evenstar of Kabloemi


Evy fall 2006.


I've fallen in love yet again, this time with Evenstar of Kabloemie

Evy as a baby by Barbara and Arjan, the breeders.


She is happy, playful and very sweet!


Her mother, Hoogheid of the Mainstreet.





I've always had a love for black cats and had even brought my two domestic long-haired cats with me from America when I immigrated to Holland.  One of my goals was to find a sweet and loving black Maine Coon. I was lucky to find Evenstar, who is as black as the night and has the best purr in the house. She is my personal kitty and enjoys the quiet moments of the day. Her favorite activity is being in the garden chasing insects and bird watching. She is in love with Rico since day one and has made some beautiful kitties together with him, the Revolutionaires and the Discoverers were both large litters and she proved to be an excellent mother .





Le Petit Centinari’s Kyandro

MCO n22

RVT 118.385


Joppi Vom Feenmond

MCO n 25


CH KumskakaPromise Keepers


MCO ds 22


Addison 96-16

MCO as 25

(DK) FD LO 84542

Frolicoons Angelo        MCO ds 11

CFA 1762-940952

Diringo Burning Bush MCO fs

CFF MC1028F3-108290

Udklittens Klyde

MCO ns 25 <11>

(DK)FD LO 79881

Aristocrat’s Kitty Hawk

MCO ns 22

DK)FD LO 71373








Jolly-Jumper Thiezah

MCO n 22


Kees van Vledders




Monhegan Pretty Jane

MCO n 22



Mohegan Scott Crossfield

MCO ns 22


IC. Felicia van de Vledders

MCO n 09 22


CH Ekron of the Black Rose

MCO n 22


IC Cosy Coon’s Colorful Jewel

MCO f 22     NL.FE.L88.MCO.002.5


Hoogheid of the Mainestreet



ARV 0211.0016




Ch Ramses of the Mainstreet

MCO ns

BKV’94 010931


EC Racoone’s El Figaro

MCO es 22

LOB 22460


Diamond Nature Rani

MCO ns

AICC 04004738

EC Willowplace Tamahawk

MCO a 22

SBT 042297 025

GIC Nevada des Griffes Vigoureux

MCO fs 22


CH Katadin’s Buddy-Boy

MCO as

NPV 9401-0009

Coonmoonrising’s Shoshanne

MCO f 21







Arezina of Canadian Spirits

IRCC 020153 bdIV

MCO ns 09

GIC Pahokee’s Newberryhill

KVL 00-068-1363-

MCO ns 23


Rapunzel v. Murmelbach

DEKZV 257733

MCO f 09 22

Pahokee’s Purple-Rain

MCO ns 22

KVL 96-233-0563-7

Willowplace Roxanne

MCO ns 22

SBT 010296 019

EC Macavity Enrico

MCO d 09 22

Loggincat’s Xola-Mey

MCO g 09 22


Evenstar of Kabloemi


Pedigree #: RTV.122.909 import FE.L05.MCO.NL.062

Bred by: B. L. A. Blanken Lelystad

Breed: Maine Coon   Group :1

Birthdate October 5, 2004


Evenstar at 9 months.