Butch P. Cassidy


Butch at one and one-half years old.


Butch at one year old.                                                                                      Butch at nine weeks old.



Butch Cassidy is my first-born Polydactyl boy.  He is very special to me, and I knew from the first moment that I saw him, we would be friends forever. He is a sweet and loving boy, playful and mischievous as all Maine Coons should be ...

He grew up together with his brother, Sundance Kid, who now lives in Belgium.  They are beautiful boys and have done quite well at the show.  Butch shows mainly in TICA in the New Traits Class as well as in FIFe in the past and had done several breed presentations.  In TICA he has won many ribbons becoming First Place in the New Traits Class, but because of his Polydactyl paws, in FIFe he receives a judge's report, but must be disqualified for the championship competition. His brother Sundance Kid, however, does not have Poly feet, and has already achieved Championship status. 

Most of his time is spent here at home, playing in the garden, watching birds, ducks, geese, butterflies and insects. His most favorite game is chasing a willow branch being pulled through the grass. He chases it so fast you would think he was a thoroughbred horse, fast and furious.  Food and sleeping are his favorite pastimes when is he not coming to me for love and kisses. He inherited the romantic gene from his father and is exceptionally affectionate.  In the daytime, he is in the run , and at night, he has a nice cozy room upstairs. He will be soon getting a new roommate as my teenage son Brian will be moving into the room with him.


Butch at the 2006 Annual TICA Show in Hannover, Germany.




Color : Black/silver marbled with white

Born: March 21,2005

Test results:

HCM:             good   N/N

PKD:               good

FeLV, FIV:       good

Patella Luxatie: good


Inbreeding total :    9.78%

Foundation top 5 :  64.6%

Clones :                 25.9%


Butch as a baby.

Butch's brother Sundance Kid.